Accidents Happen all the Time

Did you suffer an accident following a slip and fall or trip and fall accident? It might not be a simple dilemma of clumsiness. When we were children, we would fall and scrape our knees and wake up with bruises we could not remember getting. But not every autumn is in fact an “accident.” Property owners have a duty to keep a safe space for people. If they’re negligent in this, and that negligence created an unsafe condition that then causes a fall accident, then that property owner could be held responsible.

Common Reasons For Slip and Fall Injuries

Additionally, there are a lot of situations that could lead to a slip or trip and fall at those places. Some of them include:

To be clear, the existence of an unsafe condition doesn’t affirm a legal claim all by itself. By way of example, a wet floor that’s been cordoned off with big signage offers ample warning of the problem, demonstrating that the property owner/employees have taken reasonable care to ensure the safety of visitors. A fall injury isn’t always black and white, and that’s why it’s quite important to talk to a knowledgeable slip and fall accident attorney before assuming responsibility unto yourself. It might not be your fault in any way, in which case you might qualify for compensation.

In California, determining whether a property owner has been negligent in the management of the property depends on certain criteria:

Did the property owner have a duty to take action to ensure visitors’ safety and did they meet this duty?
Was there an unsafe condition on the property which the property ought to have known about and educated people about? (such like signage, safety/hazard tape, etc.)
Was there an unsafe condition which should have been solved by the property owner but was not?
These are simply a couple of the questions requiring answers when deciding whether you’ve got a legitimate premises liability claim for your slip and fall, but they are answers a successful lawyer will gladly get.

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